Guest Testimonials

Our B&B Guests

B&B guests are a unique breed of people. They prefer the intimacy of a small setting—and appreciate the quirks that sometimes go with old buildings—to the amenities that large hotels can provide. At the Walker House Bed and Breakfast, our guests enjoy chatting with each other over breakfast, making friends with staff, and leaving with the knowledge that they will be back. And they do return; most of our guests are repeat customers. (Several, in fact, lived at The Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange when we were a home for missionary families!)


“The best breakfast in Boston. Love the fresh fruit!”

“We really like that there are no TVs in the rooms. We spend so much time monitoring what our kids watch that it’s a nice relief not to have to worry.”

“The people here are so friendly! They make you feel special."

“I feel like I’m going to grandma’s house.”

“When I walk through the dining room, I feel like I’m back at summer camp. It’s like all the happy memories from my childhood come flooding back!”

“The mattresses are so comfortable.”

“As a woman who travels a lot for business, it’s important to me that I feel safe…and I feel very safe here.”

“The Walker Center is a hidden gem. Where else are you going to find a nice room with a hearty breakfast for this price so close to Boston?”

“I love the coffee!"

“My husband and I had to leave early to get into Boston for a conference. We were up before 7:00 and even though we knew breakfast isn’t set out until 7:30, we went into the dining room. The woman greeted us warmly and brought out some fruit and bagels so we could get on our way. That’s hospitality. You don’t get that everywhere.”