Peace through Social Justice

We are a multicultural organization committed to addressing social justice issues and providing a ministry of hospitality in the greater Boston area and the world. Our historic campus has served as a center for international and interfaith groups and projects that promote dialogue, peace, empowerment, healing, education and hope for all people.

Our mission includes providing a place where the people of the world can gather and share, learn and laugh, heal and experience the presence of the sacred and holy. It has been and will be a place of rest and refuge for many, and a place of empowerment for all. We welcome groups and individuals committed to racial, economic and social justice and whose work promotes healing, multi-cultural understanding and peace.

We celebrate our special relationships with international students and scholars who are studying topics of social justice such as theology at Boston-area institutions of higher education. We seek to deepen and strengthen these relationships as an integral part of our mission.

We are committed to supporting programs that foster the free exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of openness and acceptance including:

  • international conferences
  • community events
  • multicultural exchange programs
  • forums on contemporary social justice issues
  • opportunities for interfaith dialogue

It is our expectation and hope that those who use The Walker Center campus, staff and resources will become empowered to move from social witness to social action as together we strive to put our faith into practice.