Amy and Josh Lunde-Whitler, Executive Directors


 Josh Amy Joey

Gavin Clinchy, Maintenance Director 



Ellen Neacy, Office Manager 



Victoria Santana, Executive Chef 



Omolara Johnson, Kitchen Manager








Tracy Stouck, Conference Coordinator

Since November 2009 Tracy has worn various hats at The Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange. First hired as the weekend dining room manager to oversee meals for B&B guests and group conferences, she now serves as our Conference Coordinator. Previously, Tracy was a sales manager at a Borders bookstore where she handled sales, customer service, inventory control, and merchandising. In addition, she has worked as a programmer, handled Q/A testing, and provided customer support for a software company. Tracy holds a B.A. in history from Williams College and enjoys martial arts, yoga, music, and reading.

Tracy Stouck, Conference Coordinator, The Walker Center, Auburndale, MA