Wish List

Things We Need to Better Serve You

There are seven homes that comprise our 2.2 acre campus, and most were built in the 19th century. While we love caring for our homes and keeping alive their history, it is a challenge sometimes to keep them updated, repaired, and maintained. It is our biggest wish, therefore, for skilled craftspeople who believe as we do that preserving the past is an art and who will volunteer their time to help us with carpentry, plastering, sanding and painting projects.

In addition, we wish for the following items:

  • furnishings for the Walker House and Yeo House living rooms
  • quilts, coverlets, and draperies to update our guest rooms
  • area rugs for the guest rooms
  • night tables for the guest rooms
  • outdoor furniture for the Walker House porch

We are grateful for and acknowledge in writing any and all contributions to The Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange. All contributions are tax-deductible.